About Mykael V 

The Best thing about being a DJ is making people happy. There is nothing like seeing people get up from a table to dance or the expression on their face when they hear a song they love. I also love to educate people on music they have never heard.
— Mykael V

Mykael “Mykael V” Velez is a visionary EDM/Hip Hop DJ, who finds creative freedom through music. 


Mykael V was Born In Brooklyn, New York on March 10th, 1995 to Michael and Iris Velez, who migrated to New York from Puerto Rico. From summers spent with his grandmother Doris Laureano, who was a backup singer for Salsa legend Hector Lavoe, Mykael V’s interest in performing began at the age of fifteen He gained an appreciation and understanding for music that would later influence the sound he would create in years to come. 


Growing up in Brooklyn, Mykael V had the essence of Hip Hop instilled in him at an early age. Without even touching a turntable Mykael V fell in love with DJ’ing due to his dad'sroutine of listening to Funk Master Flex on Hot 97 every morning while getting ready for work. 



Since his grandmother was the worship leader for many years, Mykael V was raised going to church every Sunday. Never being fully attentive on how to truly live for christ, Mykael's primary example was his grandmother as his parents weren't adamant about living for christ. 


When Mykael was just six his parents made the decision to move to southern New Jersey. Their goal was to seek a better foundation to raise him as they did not want him to grow up in the streets of New York City. Going back and fourth between his home in New Jersey and his grandmothers place in New York created a mature balanced character in Mykael. 


Mykael was often bullied and teased growing up for being ahead of his peers in his thinking and maturity. Thus, making him feel as if he had no purpose in life, misunderstood and alone. Mykael V got invited to Ignite, a local youth group. A few months later he would encounter the love of Christ and answer the call to his life. Although, Mykael didn't answer his calling right away, being in love with music he made attempts to follow his dream of DJ’ing. But his parents had different plans for him, to play football rather than DJ. 


Fast forward to senior year when a Liberty University Football opportunity came, Mykael V thought he found purpose in football. Since being bullied and misunderstood for years football allowed him to take his frustrations out on the field where he found his peace for almost twelve years. That is until the end of his senior year, his life was completely torn down as his Grandmother Doris passed away. 

Mykael V & His Dear Grandmother 

Mykael V & His Dear Grandmother 


Feeling completely empty and uncertain of his future Mykael V moved back to Brooklyn while his parents left to Atlanta, Georgia. In New York City Mykael decided to fully pursue DJ’ing and music. But before getting a chance to do full time DJ'ing Mykael V was sent to Atlanta with his parents due to troubles. 


Mykael spent many months depressed and alone in a place he knew nothing about. But God would use this to humble and prepare him for his calling. Mykael V strengthened his relationship with Christ and honing his skills as a DJ. 

A year later Mykael V has done shows with such artists as Social Club Misfits , nobigdyl. , Tedashii, Capitol Kings, Gawvi, Lecrae, and more.  Currently Mykael V is feverishly pursuing Christ and his calling over Mykael’s life. Learning from mistakes made Mykael V is seeking to equip a new generation with creative and innovative ways to glorify God through the arts, Mykael’s Vision and Mission is to bring Artists & Producers & Creative Minds with different strengths together to create Amazing art done in excellence to bring Glory to God & Unify The culture.